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“Chakras and Mottoes”




On the opening of chakras after the birth

Chakras are energetic centers on which the whole energy system of a person is based. «Chakra» is a Sanskrit term meaning «a wheel of light». There are principal and minor (secondary) chakras.

Richard Gerber gives a definition of a chakra in his book “Vibrational medicine”: “Chakras are special energy centres which connect us with multidimensional Universe. Chakras are the three-dimensional (spatial) gates located in subtle bodies and they accept and transform high frequency energy to assimilate it in the right way to use it for the transformation of a natural body”.

This book is not aimed at giving a detailed description of the whole energy system of a humanas the author believes that those who read this information have an idea of what it is. Here we shall have a look only at the seven bodily chakras and the tenth chakra (grounding).

So… On the seven chakras of the body, the tenth (grounding) chakra and where these “MOTTOES” came from.

Before the birth of a human there is a so-called “transition” of him from the world of light to the solid material world.

The essence accompanied by the AngelSpirit Mentor “is grounded” to be in tense contact with the Earth and stay entirely inside its body which is to go through the stages of conception, intrauterine formation and birth at the place on Earth that this essence has chosen for its incarnation. It is the family, the country where this person will accumulate precious experience for the development transformation and sorting of the frequency substances of their essence to fulfill the mission of their life. Their aim is to learn to be effective, be able to successfully demonstrate psychic functions, try to achieve the purpose of their life, have an idea of their own needs and feelings. The person needs to transform reactions of fear to understand themselves in their body, learn not to reject their own experience and themselves. This is needed to overcome the problems and difficulties following us in our life.

Each personified essence takes its place on Earth.

THE TENTH (GROUNDING) CHAKRA is responsible for that, through which the energy system of a human receives energy from the Earth.

Before and during the conception the tenth chakra selects the physical chromosomes which regulate the genetic structure, accomplishes the programming relying on hereditary information. It also selects from the genetic fund for each essence those genes which will enable the person to solve the physical and psychological problems of their life.

The tenth chakra is located directly in the Earth under the soles of feet at a distance of approximately 50 to 1, 3 meters below the Earth’s surface. With the help of this chakra the person receives energy of the Earth and brings it into the physical system. In women this energy remains in the second in-body chakra, and in men it is the third chakra (based in the solar plexus), that ensure and support the energy inflow necessary for interaction with everyday reality of life.

This chakra is the key to the effective energy perception through the grounding of all other chakras’ energy. It holds them in the state of mutual equilibrium and coordination. This is the energy funnel that constantly revolves, supplying the energy of the Earth to the everyday life of man, to the purifying processes that take place in a physical body, and so on. It holds and supports the entire energy system (aura- capsule) of a physical body.

AURA is the most important aspect of our energy system. It is the halo around all animated objects. Every auric layer, or belt, is connected with a certain chakra, and chakras themselves have connections with certain organs of a physical body. Barbara Ann Brennan in her book “Hands of Light: A guide to healing through the Human Energy Field” interprets this connection as  a kind of a lock that enables energy exchange: «The points or tips of the chakras, where they connect to the main power current, are called the roots or the hearts of the chakras. Within these hearts are seals which control exchange of energy between layers of the aura through that chakra. That is, each of the seven chakras has seven layers, each corresponding to a layer of the auric field”.

From the book by Diane Stein “All women are psychics”: “Chakras are shaped like spirals, the point of the spiral rooted in the central nervous system at the spine, and the vortex or wide part of the spiral, passing through the dense body, at the front”.

Each person can turn to their spiritual problems through a chakra or an energy tip. Having thoroughly studied and working with the system of chakra development, analyzing one’s life, makes it possible for a person to detect deformed (wrong) chakras which have been exposed to negative and traumatic experience, and to find mental blocks in him(her)self.

“Spiritual blocks are misperceptions of the Universe and our place within it. They are perhaps most powerful and most important because they underlie every other issue. They can be caused by anything that happens to us, for us, or around us.  These spiritual blocks or confusions about our own true goodness lie within the soul. Our soul carries everything we experience from life to life, from chakra to chakra, from cell to cell. The soul registers experience such as being shamed or praised, judged or supported, rejected or nurtured, being loved, hated, or killed. It records what we learned in Sunday School, and it is affected by the false and true beliefs involving our higher, spiritual energy points. The soul itself imprints these beliefs about life, death, others, ourselves, everything within our temporal being.

Whatever the case anything that prevents the soul from living in and through us is a spiritual issue.”  (From Cindy Dale’s book «New Chakra Healing»,1996).

A human being was bornthe Angel- Spirit Mentor that accompanied them to the moment of grounding and birth, leaves them. He has completed his mission. There remain the Angel-Chronicler, who, without participating in the life of a person, only records everything that happens, and the Angel of Presence, who supports, saves, prompts, and protects a person all the time during their life on Earth. He is always there, behind your right shoulder, you are aware of it and you can notice his support and assistance.

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