On the pendulum of subconsciousness

It is extremely important to understand that there is a process during which any observation of five feelings is automatically transferred into inner levels of subconsciousness, where the events it witnessed, or the matter it studied, are recorded by means of an inner hieroglyph, that is how the full translation of the data from the outer world into the inner world rests in the akashic records 1 of the essence of each person.

The transfer process, although quite complicated from the technical point of view, is almost instantaneous.

       The selection and classification of these records is the responsibility of Bodily Elemental2 and Angel-chronicler of individual lifestream, i.e., of each person.

The Ascended Masters Djwal Khul and Kuthumi reported that the reference of Angel-chroniclers can be found in the words of Jesus about  these little ones: “For I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven” (King James, Matthew, 18:10).


        Each individual has this Angel who embodies the purity of Infinite God and is assigned to every lifestream by the Divine will from the beginning of the world. This Angel is not only capable of reading life chronicles of any person who lives on this planet but also to directly communicate with the Heart of God, “to see the face of my Father which is in Heaven”.

        Thus, God’s design to open himself to the Angel of His Presence, assigned to each of His children, is realized by means of the Holy Christ Self in perfect harmony with the Divine plan (Divine Source).

God has arranged it so that by endowing us with the flame of the Christ, He thus placed His own fullness into each of His sons or daughters.

When this Divine nature is understood correctly, the humanity will be able to easily produce antakhkarana 3 in this world and thus to begin correctly weave its life manifestation.

The aim of human life is to express this truth in everything that one is doing, as incorrect use of thoughts and feelings entails a lot of undesirable features, and abuse of the energy of sensual world – such as anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, blame, offence and hypocrisy – start the amplifying lever.

And a person cannot find peace of soul in this world, and perceive their own existence, and permit themselves to exist.


Because they constantly comfort and console their “inner child”, him or herself, that small boy or that small girl who still hides inside the adult body.

They feel shy, fear, cry, defend themselves, struggle, try to win the love of the people around them (at any age period).

This occurs because “the pendulum of subconsciousness” in the book of life of each person is forever fixed on the sector marked “inner child”, where the Angel-chronicler has formulated the basic “mottoes” with which the person goes on in life, attempting to change something in themselves.

But one can not change oneself, however hard one tries, since the sensations received by a child born into a certain family or under certain conditions which they selected for themselves, have become their fixed conclusions:

  • The way they were accepted by the world.
  • The way they perceived it.
  • The way the world seemed to them at the age from 0 to 14 years.

Those sensations (conclusions) recorded by means of the internal hieroglyph and transferred into inner levels of subconsciousness, into the sensation of the Bodily Elemental of each body, fall into the sector of life perception, are archived and packed up forever.

They become a manual for each person, a guide along the road of life.

These are the subtlest vibrations of human essence which force people to act this way and not the other way. This is their own choice and their own impressions.

Mottoes are recorded during the opening of chakras (from 0 to 14 years).

A person asserts them from 14 to 21 years, in the period of the seven-year opening of the seventh chakra.

These are the mottoes that become templates of a person’s behaviour, and through the behaviour of a person create situations in which they again and again confirm them and cannot break the stereotype.


Who we are depends on how we perceive ourselves.

We can be cured and nevertheless we still need healing.

      Time and again we clear our auras, we try to get to know the world, to change something in ourselves by practicing spiritual practices (yoga, chi gung etc.), we read psychological, spiritual literature, but for some reason we do not obtain happiness from the result, and again and again we find ourselves anxious and dissatisfied.

     We cannot be natural in the manifestation of ourselves, in our sensations.

And, when I posed the correct question, relying on my life experience, the Hierarchs of the Planet, the Great Teachers of Humanity, explained to me that there are “mottoes” in the chronicles of every person’s life, conclusions which are recorded by the Angel-Chronicler. They are the guide to action and template of manifestation in the world on the Earth, and a person cannot behave otherwise.

At this stage of the evolutionary development of the Humanity, for the first time in History of the Earth this circumstance is pointed out to and it is permitted to change these “mottoes”.

AND ONLY with the help of THE ASCENDED MASTERS, AT THIS STAGE OF EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT we can unpack them, erase and write new “mottoes” under the dictation OF THE TEACHERS OF HUMANITY, to get a guide to action in this world, a positive sensation of oneself, and co-tuning with the Divine Source.

        With the Teachers’ consent I am carrying out my mission here on the Earth, and I am entrusted and allowed to reveal and change “the mottoes” of each life stream.

My spiritual name is SI-LVIA – the one who receives and transmits Spiritual Knowledge to people.

Si is the note of the seventh chakra of the body. It is openness to the energies of the Divine Source and Connection by the Communicative thread with all spiritual beings of the Divine Source, with the truth of my own existence. It is openness for the Divine Consciousness.

Being the “spiritual centre” of human highest knowledge, the seventh chakra receives spiritual energies and guidelines that are necessary for our predestination.

          My name in real life is Tatiana.

1 Everything that happens in the world of an individual is recorded in the certain substance, known as Akasha. Akasha is a primary substance, the subtlest ethereal essence which fills the entire space; ethereal energy which in its vibration absorbs (records) all impressions of life.  These records can be read by adepts or those with developed soul (psychic) faculties.

2 Bodily Elemental is the first human auric layer, it is the skin and certain aspects of a physical body.  It is connected with the first chakra, therefore, its functions are similar to those of the first chakra. It protects, strengthens, determines our physical body, and is connected with the ethereal body located in immediate proximity with the skin.

3 Antakharana is an interlacement of life or a network of light which connects each God’s creation with the Heart of God.

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