FIRST CHAKRA (ROOT CHAKRA) is of red colour, sounds like “C” note, and is located at the inner side of the tailbone.

This is base energy that connects a person to the physical world. Using the energy of this chakra which has the attributes of:

  1. Physical strength,
  2. Persistence,
  3. Vital capacity,
  4. Stability,
  5. Strong will to live,
  6. Sense of security

A person programs his/her life situations in order to feel confident and comfortable, be proactive and feel secure.

 This chakra is formed and opened before conceptionat prenatal period, and develops until 6 months of life after a person’s birth.

This chakra records all information on how to stay secure in the world on Earth.

Normal Aura of a Baby

Everything that was happening to the mother’s sensations is taken into accounther thoughts and feelings of the events that happened to her, whether she felt safe during her pregnancy, what thoughts she had during her pregnancy planning, in what conditions the child was born (ahospital, a plane, a train, a car or perhaps in a field or another unpredictable place).

All these circumstances determine your sense of security or danger and anxiety in your further life and are expressed in the motto recorded by your Angel-Chronicler, i.e., your conclusion made within the period of approximately 2 years.

For example: «The World is troubled» or «The World is dangerous», if the woman felt danger during pregnancy, or she had complicated relations with the man, or was in doubts if she needed that baby. What was the atmosphere in the family to which the baby was bornand so on. There may be many situations differing from one another, nevertheless, all information matters for your sense of security in this world and on the way the world accepted the person.

The person will carry this sensation through their whole life.
It becomes their firm belief that the world is dangerous. And during all next age periods, CHANGING THEIR LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES, CHANGING SOME OF THEIR DEVELOPED QUALITIES, enclosing his/her world with a high fence, having accumulated wealth, the person doesn’t feel secure, attracts people with his/her spontaneous anxiety, creating situations in which he/she again makes sure that the world is dangerous for him/her.

SECOND CHAKRA is located at the level of the pubic bone, has orange colour, sounds like “D” note.

This is the elemental energy of feelings. The source of energy that nourishes, supports and heals our feelings. Here are located the models of human feeling that keep the energy system open and capable of adjusting to this world. In this chakra there are recorded the guidelines relating to feelings of the world and ourselves, our ability to respect other people’s feelings, build comfortable relations in the family, at work, or with friends.

This chakra gradually opens at the period of 6 months till 2,5 years old.

At this time the child is always among people with already established relations. He/she does not participate in these relations but feels them and be being present in the existing environment, the child gets sensations through vibrations of those people.
During the two-year period of the second chakra opening there happen a lot of things, which is reflected on the feelings’ bodies, and at the end of this two-year period the Angel records the conclusion of what relations mean for this newly born person, whether they can freely express their feelings in this world or he/she needs to beware of something.

The conclusion is recorded in the motto.

For example: “I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS RELATIONS”, or, “I must hide my feelings as exposing them is too dangerous” and so on.

Everybody has got their own motto, and the example may also be positive: “I CAN COMMUNICATE EASILY AND CONFIDENTLY”, “I easily express my feelings”. This motto follows the person for all their life. The person behaves exactly according to it and not otherwise, not realizing why. And this is their impression, their sensation absorbed while being in a certain environment.

THIRD CHAKRA is the solar plexus chakra, of yellow color, sounds like “E” note. It is the centre of emotional life. 

The energy of personality opening, understanding of emotions, ideas of opportunities and success are located and accumulated here. This is the centre for forming global ideas, the place of decision making. The third chakra is related to what we feel about success and self-esteem. It conducts the universal energy necessary to fulfill our goals and tasks. This is the key area related to belief and trust.


The motto is recorded as: “What am I like?”.

This is the period when the child is more active in communication with people: he/she attends a kindergarten, communicates with other people (babysitter, other children, relatives who come to visit, etc). And as the second chakra is already open and active the child feels the relation towards him/herself, hears what others say about him/her, and probably doesn’t get the meaning, however, his/her body accumulates information about the sensations the child gets as a result of such communication. Our relations, response of other people and the world to us have a great value – they define our self-esteem, our opinion about others and particularly the idea of our personal power.

And the Angel-Chronicler records a motto of what you are.

For example:
“I am a good boy”, “I am a good girl”, or, “I don’t know what I am, who I am”, “I am disciplined”, “I am resourceful”, “I am shy” etc.

Prejudice, opinions and superstitions about oneself and others are also stored and activated by the third chakra. It rules intellect and ideas. Now this chakra gives up the judgments to the second chakra, which raises the emotions (a combination of sensations and aims).

In spiritual sense, a person’s ideas of what they deserve and what they don’t deserve, are formed at this age period and are registered in this chakra. In case a person doesn’t believe in him/herself, there is the reason why it happens – people that are important to them do not believe in them and always show it by their attitude and behavior. If, on the contrary, these important people believe in a person and support them, then the person thinks they can influence the world and deserve it, believe they can face difficulties – and therefore their whole life may be quite different.

The motto set at this period of age is recorded and placed into subconsciousness. It becomes the strategy of a person’s behavior and manifestation for the rest of their life.

At other age periods, if a person discovers in their behaviour the signs of this motto, they try to change but all they can change is the circumstances and some most uncomfortable qualities. The subtle vibration of their essence remains unchanged.

And the reason to this is that the mankind has never known about these “mottoes” that are necessary to find, formulate and re-record to fully change both yourslef and environment.

FOURTH CHAKRA is the Heart chakra.
IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAKRA. It is located behind the breast bone or sternum, at the heart level, has green color, sounds like «F» note.

It conducts universal energy necessary for people to reach their goals. This space contains and emits energy of love into our world. If this chakra isn’t blocked it opens real soul movements to us. The nature of these soul movements is childlike.

The chakra opens at the children’s age of 4.5 till 6.5 years old.

It contains ideas of love, heart’s wishes, relationships and principles of “give and take”. The feeling of compassion is created in this very space. The same can be said about the establishment of differences between sexes, the basis of love for oneself, for others.

A child at this age is very natural in self-expression. Very often the child asks one and the same question: “Mommy, do you love me?”, “Daddy, do you love me?” The child ask the same question of those people who happen to be next to him/her: mother’s friends, relatives who brought him/her a toy as a gift, and the child asks again: “Do you love me?” The child feels free, takes love without any judgments, examines little flowers, insects, is happy to see the Sun and birds, explores, develops, tries and tests, and of course plays. If a person’s parents have assigned an important place to the development of this spiritual energy, the person is sure to understand human relations and love him/herself, will be aware of when to give and when to take, when to be compassionate or firm, when they need to activate self -defense.

But if the child at this age has some negative experience, they will accumulate and then show the behavior that breaches the natural cyclic exchange process. They will be limited in relations which will prevent him/her from an open and natural demonstration.

During these two years the soul explores and accumulates the impressions to make a conclusion which will be set as a motto. This motto will describe what for them is love in this world, how he/she can act to grant his heart’s wishes?


 If the parents were demanding and strict at this period of life the motto can be recorded as: “Love is demands”. Parents spoke to a child in a demanding voice: Go and do something, and I will give you a sweet or a toy”. A person with such a motto in his heart chakra will be demanding to others. A man or a woman in future, they will be expect these demands from their spouse or children. In case there are no such demands, they will believe that they are not loved.
If a child at this age often hears the words as: “You must”, “You have to”, their motto will be recorded as: “Love is a commitment” and they will always have a feeling that the owe something to somebody – to their partner, children, friends, etc. They won’t be able to realize why he’s got such a feeling and such a motto.
If a child always feels being taken care of, then their motto will be: “Love is care”. Then at other age periods to feel love he/she will always take care of everybody, even if he does not get the same in response. Some people will be annoyed with this care (if it becomes too intrusive), some people will accept this care with indifference. Let him/her care if he/she wants this, this is what others say about them.

This is very important age and if a child at this time feels indifference, negligence, irritation, hatred and other negative vibrations, their motto will be: “I don’t know what is love”. Then for the rest of their life the person will be looking for love, eager to feel and understand it, but he/she won’t be able to achieve it and will feel unhappy. This person will say to everyone that he/she has never loved anyone, never fell in love and doesn’t know what this sensation is.

So, the motto is fixed, placed into subconsciousness, confirmed with life experience and becomes a manifestation strategy in relations for all his/her life.


This is the space for love which has conditions. The condition is a free manifestation of our nature.

The motto for this free manifestation is: “The world loves me, I love the world. I easily give and take the energy of love. I am love”.

FIFTH CHAKRA is the throat chakra, located in the base of neck, larynx. The color is light blue. It sounds like “G” note.

The energies that lie in the basis of this chakra are regulated by senses: a person opens up to what he/she feels is right and rejects what he/she feels is wrong. They accept the guidelines which they want to get and reject what they believe to be wrong for them.

The chakra conducts thoughts, ideas and concepts coming from other human beings and different parts of our EGO.

The fifth chakra opens at the age from 6.5 till 8.5 years old.

It contains the truth set up and controlled by somebody, as well as created by a person. With the help of this cahkra a person communicates with the world, with other people, shows him/herself through communication, openness, independence, respect to him/herself, to the world, to people. He stands for his/her rights and gets inspiration that is coming from the soul.

At this time a child has the most intensive communication with peers, as school life starts. A child has to make him/herself known, he needs to communicate, answer the teacher’s questions, learn to accept life as it is, obtain confidence, independence, openness, learn to live his/her life without declaring that others do not care about him/her.

Chakras that have been opened in preceding periods, and mottoes recorded on chakras 1, 2, 3 and 4, events, the child’s sensations, family relationships or other relations of life, the way the child was accepted in this world, play the key role  for their open communication and independence. The way a child can realize that:

Examples of «Mottoes»:
– freely and loudly make himself known;
– he/she will speak in a quiet voice because he/she believes that it is dangerous to speak loudly;
– he/she will speak only when he/she is looked at;
– he/she will shout everywhere and all the time to be heard.

This depends on the family environments, on the attention to the child and parents’ permission to speak, ask and get or no get the answers to his endless questions.

Example: a child was never listened to, he/she was called to order in a rude manner, did not get the answers to their questions, was being punished, evaluated with offensive remarks, etc. All these factors will influence the child’s life motto with which they will go on in life.

The child becomes vulnerable, easily accessible for manipulations of malevolent people. Getting guidelines from doubtful sources, he/she even can make decisions which may lead to poverty, to relationship problems in his/her future family and even to health problems. They can also cause many other problems, from financial issues to serious throat diseases.

The motto that describes one’s free manifestation in the world, may be the sensation: “I communicate freely and openly. I am independent and confident”.

SIXTH CHAKRA is the forehead chakra, or the third eye, located on the level of forehead. It is in the back of the head. It is represented with dark blue (indigo) color and sounds like «A» note.

This chakra opens at the age of 8.5 till 14 years old.

This chakra influences both our inner and outer vision. It is the center of creative visualization, where our visions are implemented into physical reality. There are revealed sensations that show the world’s attitude towards a person, fulfillment of their desires, ideas that correspond to the reality, or negative ideas, desire to act, stability of feelings, estimation of one’s appearance, acceptance of or protest against anything that does not correspond to inner sensations. It also shows strength or helplessness in making and realization of plans, our abilities in this world. Following the right vision provides the person with a feeling of their own importance.

If a child in his/her teenage experienced negative emotions from close people, felt fear, his/her desires were not fulfilled, there were conflicts at home, at school, with peers, the child can not positively accept this world.

And the Motto in this case will be: “The world is alarming. I don’t know who I am”.

This or similar “motto” will be their guideline in the next age periods, and the person will not be happy, pleased and satisfied all their life.

The positive “motto” can and should be the sensation: “The world loves me. I love the world. I have self-respect and clearly understand who I am”.

SEVENTH CHAKRA is also called a crown chakra and is located on top of the head, slightly to the back of the highest part of the skull.

The opening of this chakra happens at the age of 14 till 21 years old.

This chakra opens us to the Divine consciousness and positive ideas of the Universe towards us.

The color of the chakra is purple. It sounds like “B” note.

The energies that are the base of the power of this chakra, heartfelt connection with one’s own spirituality are the belief in one’s abilities and life values. There are no opinions or convictions on this level – only the state of acceptance. There is the sensation of a positive approach towards the world, a feeling of harmony.

The positive sensation described with a “Motto” should sound like this: “I know why I am here. The world is open to me and I am open to the world.”

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