(connecting energy cords)

Those connecting etheric umbilical cords (energy cords) are energetic connections between people, beings and different parts of a human; they usually have the function of negative correlations.

            The umbilical cords are formed when we enter into a relation, when we conclude a “contract” with another person for the satisfaction of our needs.

            These so-called “contracts” can seem favourable until we understand that they usually form because of the feeling of fear or destructive convictions.

            These convictions (everybody has their own truth) lead to a condition which forms destructive habits in us, which bring us to the low quality level of the relations we are bound with.

Etheric umbilical cords are dangerous especially by the fact that they exist for years and even for the entire life.


  • Mother – daughter
  • Mother – son
  • Father – son
    • Me – friends
    • Me – brother
    • Me – sister
      • And other forms of relationships within the root family members and the people who came into our life for help or communication.




Etheric umbilical cords are established between souls, between minds, between different physical bodies (other combinations are possible) during one’s entire life.

They affect us directly (relatives) or indirectly (teachers, friends), but almost always their influence is negative.

They cork up our energy system, fill the openings that must be opened, obscure our chakras, our independent vision, fill the openings that must be clear, and damage the barriers that must be strong.

As a result we cannot effectively work with our energy system; we simply cannot even use it. Until we closely study our energy connections and understand the reasons for their existence, we will not be able to break them and avoid manipulations of other people and relatives (mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and their relatives). We must actively deal with our lives, think independently, take decisions, obtain inner freedom and fell joy from the results of these actions.

You have come to this world to live, and not to deal with manipulation of those people who have revealed your weak sides that are reflected in your qualities and feelings (shyness, fear of rejection, fears, inability to stand up for yourself etc.), they manipulate your life, using you and making you do what they want.

These people waste your lifetime to please themselves, without making it possible for you to go on your own way, to live the way you want.

A man is a simple creation by nature, but a very complex one in terms of external manifestation of this nature.

When people think for the first time about their nature, they do not realize branching and dimensions of consciousness of each individual.

The influence of the world, temporal thoughts and feelings are easily transferred, consciously or unconsciously, from one person to another; and in this transfer of thoughts and feelings no one – either sender or recipient – has any guarantee that the original attitude and form of their intentions will remain inviolable and untouched.

And if the light that is inside a person and can be transferred to others is undesirable for them, the people who easily become the victim of his/her thoughts and feelings, or those who have natural similarity with him/her, can reproduce these thoughts, feelings, events in their own world as a mirror reflection.

Example: the daughter repeats in her life all events that happened in her mother’s life – diseases, the pattern of relations with men, etc.

And if one does not tear these etheric umbilical cords, one can never belong to him/herself, and will never find his/her destination in this life.

My mission includes the plan to detect these etheric umbilical cords and the Permission from the Hierarchs of the Planet to break them, release people from undesirable manipulations from the side.

It is necessary to help the soul within the person to occupy the dominant position over his/her way of life, which will thus improve the quality of his/her aura (the integrity of energy system) and the quality of his/her life and health.

A person must understand which way this process of mental and sensual transfer is capable of helping or preventing them from something in everyday matters, if they are connected with someone by an etheric umbilical cord.

   This method has been used by me for eight years, and many families have found harmony in their relations with own and close people, found the feeling of internal freedom and improved their life situations.

With love,


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