Why Do I need refocusing

Why do I need refocusing?

You will ask……

“In the house of God there are many rooms,

But they are prepared only for those

Who are prepared to enter them.

It’ll be enough for you to go out and look

At the Milky Way to understand how

Many things you did not live through yet. “





Change your “Mottoes” and become free!

 What does it mean to be free?

 That means finding your Avatar. 


Avatar is your individuality. It is that self-perception in life which you wanted to experience on Earth by choosing to be born. It is the initial task of your essence which is stored in the 10th chakra. It is the self-perception, the answer to the question who you are, what you are capable of, what you count on in terms of how to live, what to do to get satisfaction and to be happy, how to fulfil yourself. It is the way to remember what you really wanted to do here on Earth, but, as if armour-plated, could not feel it with your low-frequency programs. The negative experience from your childhood did not let you use your free will with which you were born and which you were willing to use. You fulfilled other people’s orders and did not make progress on your own way. Why? Because you did not even know that this situation might be different. But now you know of it, and you can  take this opportunity to become free, to get rid of other people’s programs, to go your own way.

Becoming free means:
– changing your consciousness by changing your whole life, all its sides.
– liberating your thinking, to find its infinity to be able to become what you can, or were originally able to become.
– manifesting what you are able to manifest in yourself.

If you dare step over your doubts, you will break through, because your doubts are the one and only obstacle in your way.
And the day will come when you will do amazing things and will be able to see everything that you really need.




Becoming free means:

  • To become a deeply conscious and free person
  • To feel and to become unusual
  • To get rid of the sense of guilt, fears and discontent
  • To become patient and understanding
  • To find the ability to resist doubts
  • Your good luck will improve by 100 %. You will be filled with energy
  • A lot of ideas will turn up, from which you will be able to derive benefit
  • Your ability to understand situations and people will improve, and you yourself may get surprised at how quick-minded you have become
  • Strong luck will accompany you, and you will be able to turn even unfavourable situations to your own advantage
  • You will feel your inner world and will understand what you want
  • You will get the possibility to create your own life, to build in your world what you want, what you could not afford earlier, or could not see what was possible to create, what to strive for
  • Everything will be the way you want it to be

 … Like it?



 There is only one obstacle –

lack of ability to ALLOW YOURSELF:

  • To resist doubts of your own nervous system.
  • To switch yourself to accept or afford something.
  • To accept what will change your life by 100 %.
  • To trust what you have long been in search of, looking for the way of becoming a deeply spiritual person, now you have found this possibility


You came to Earth to explore the spiritual aspect of the being that you actually are, and its eternal nature. You have studied in this school on Earth for a long time. Actually this true, deep awareness does not originate in the past: all of it happens entirely in the present – but people prefer to live in the past, and thus do not give way to inspiration. Inspiration never happens in memories. It is contrary to its essence.
You came to this school to learn the art of spiritual awakening.
You are encouraged by a hidden motive – you wish to find your way back to God.

 Why do I need refocusing? 

Refocusing is needed to understand who you are, what you really are. It is needed to change the priorities in your life, and to understand what you live for each day, what plans you make, what you want to experience, to live through, what you think about. It is needed to learn to appreciate every moment of your life, the beauty of the world; to gain a possibility of self-enlightenment, to become a deeply aware person. It is needed to gain confidence in the future, to learn to live in the present. You will just let the future unfold before you without having to worry. 
For a while after Refocusing there will still remain some negative human emotions of fear, anger, sadness, irritation, but they will gradually lose control over you. They will become very short periods which you will cancel by snapping your fingers. And already after 5 minutes you will forget what worried you.

You will acquire a sense of security. You will not get involved in the actions or feelings of others, as you will start to understand and feel them, and escape from undesirable situations and relationships where there are no rules that you set inside yourself. This is your new inner truth which you own and direct. You choose leading parts for yourself, and act only in those scenes of your life that will lead you to the desired result. 

 People will come and go in your life. Most likely it will be you who will first realize whether to keep communication or get out of relationships that annoy you with their senselessness. Those who understand what you are going through will stay close to you. Others may stop communicating with you. You will become more observant, more perceptive; you will start to notice what you never noticed before. You will suddenly see the world differently. It will be brighter, and your impressions of it will be more profound. Familiar places will look as if you have never seen them before. Feel the joyous feeling of the fullness and unusual colours of the world.

Your telepathic abilities will increase. You’ll be surprised to find out that you say exactly what another person has just thought, and that person, too, will be surprised at this revelation.
With sensitive people there will be mutual understanding without words, only with the eyes and barely perceptible facial expressions and movements. Your psychic and intuitive abilities will become more and more developed. You will hear answers to your questions without a sound, but you will know that the response is received.

You will find out that you always have enough time for things that are really important.

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