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Changing a person after changing their negative “Mottoes” to positive ones.
How it works.
During your meeting with Tatyana Alekhina (master Si-Lvia) you will find out how your essence has responded to the 7 questions that define your world outlook. The 7 questions have 7 answers that are expressed in the “Mottoes” that guide you in life. These mottoes define your inner truth, your perception of the world and of yourself in it. This is your impression of the world in which you decided to come. You were born with the help of the parents chosen by you. You grew up in a certain family environment, or in another place chosen by you initially, before conception and birth.
During her telepathic session with the Ascended Master El Moria, Si-Lvia receives the rendering of your seven “Mottoes”. She reads them out loud and asks you if you like them. If the answer is: “No, I do not like them!”, Si-Lvia, with the help of the beings of Light, erases these negative mottoes from one of the sectors of subconsciousness that is defined by the life period between 0 and 14 years. After that, to the dictation from the Ascended Master, she writes new positive “Mottoes” that are going to change your perception of the world and of your own self in it. This gives the person a chance to get rid of negative programmes and open new possibilities to fulfil the tasks that were set at their birth but were superseded by negative impressions. It gives the chance to recall which way you wanted to go and what you were going to do here on Earth.
After the restart of the energy system during the session, the first chakra is activated at a particular hour, minute and second, and is active for 24 hours, then the action is moved onto the second chakra, then onto the third chakra, and so on. All the seven body chakras are active for 7 days, and then everything is repeated. And this way it goes on for 9 weeks (2 months and 3 days). During this period, which is similar to the prenatal period, in which you find yourself together with your problems, frustrations, stress, and negative experience, you remember everything that happened in your life, and at the same time you get rid of the feeling of guilt and fear with which a person initially comes into the world, dragging these feelings from their past incarnations.
In 2 months and 3 days the positive “Mottoes” are reallocated onto the 7 body chakras, thus superseding the negative experiences accumulated by you in your childhood.
After 63 days, at the beginning of your 64-th day, you go through your New Birth.
On your 65-th day, you find yourself in the period from 0 to 14 years. You are given the opportunity, within 7 months, to find positive reactions to the world in real time.
It will happen in the situations that will return to your life from the past. Similar situations, people with whom you communicated before and received negative experience, or similar situations but different people, i.e. those who are in your situations at present suddenly start to behave like those from the distant past. Here you will have to see yourself in a different role. You will have to behave like an adult, instead of using those strategies and feelings that you have accumulated in your childhood, in the environment where you grew up and learned how to live and act in this world.
Once you see your mistakes and admit that in this or that situation before you behaved in this or that way, and were this and that type of person, the situation will immediately change in your favour.
During this period of changes, every 30 days (the first 15 days of which you are going to encounter recurrent situations from the past), during the performance of each chakra you will feel the energy it is based on.
Your task is to check, to see and to feel whether your reactions to people have changed, whether you solve in a different way familiar problems of everyday life, in your family, towards your relatives and friends.
You will notice, and people around you will tell you that you have changed.
During this period you will get rid of a large number of negative programmes that did not let you act freely and naturally. You will notice that you have become younger, fresher, your facial muscles are relaxed, there is a calm expression on your face, and your eyes happily shine.
Man quickly gets old if constantly in conflict with someone and burdened by heavy, negative, low-frequency programmes which add weight to his body; his muscles become soft and flabby, because they cannot bear the weight of energy blocks.
After 9 months of changes there is a transition into the period between 14 to 21 years, the physical evidence of new positive “Mottoes”.
Remember what kind of person you were in that period, how you behaved, what events happened, what people were around you, remember your feelings.
Now you are an adult and can take decisions that are going to improve your life.
After 9 months which were quite hard, you have not yet become a serene person, and you are still possessed by some of your past negative qualities, and it is these qualities that you must get rid of, by noticing and realizing them; you must cancel them and decide what person you want to be. This positive program will manifest later, when you feel calm towards everything that happens in your life.
Imagine a field of wheat in early spring, when winter wheat grains have sprouted with small, greenish sprouts. You are just one of these sprouts, after 9 months. And your task for yourself is to grow further and head up with mature golden heads with ripe, healthy grains. The time when you head up depends on your intellectual fullness and positive experiences gained earlier.
Next is transition to the period of 21 to 28 years, which defines the spiritual confirmation of new, positive “Mottoes”.
The essence of refocusing is that you suddenly realize that you are not remembering the negative past, but are living in the present. And since you live in the present, you get brilliant ideas and plans for your future. Because in the process of changes you have learnt not to worry while thinking of your failures and resentment from the past time, when you did not know what to do in some cases, and there was no one next to you who would show you the right way. Now you are this person. Because you have seen, you have felt the world differently; you have become more sharp-minded and resourceful.
You can see and feel the people with whom you communicate, and you yourself choose strategies and express your willingness of whether to refuse to communicate with certain people, or to continue your communication with them. You are surprised to notice that you have started to say “no” more often in situations that you do not need and do not like, and you do not allow anyone to manipulate you, as it was before, when you felt shy to refuse.
You have become a brave and determined person, capable of taking decisions that will improve your life. You live your own life; you have time to do more things, and do them faster. You have discovered in yourself the enthusiasm, determination, confidence, the calm perception of reality, the flexibility of mind that were not peculiar to you before; you use reason, and, above all, you know and realize what is going on, and why you need it. You know what you will get as a result of your effort; you know what results you seek. This will improve your life; will take you a level above where you have been before.
You may discover in yourself new talents, new hobbies which will enrich your life. And the talents already revealed in you will sparkle with new sides, because now you are free from the negative programs of the past which did not let you feel free, blocked your existence with stress, feelings of guilt, fear, resentment, irritation caused by failures, anger and resentment towards people and situations .
The vibration of your energy system will be in accord with to the “heartbeat” of the Earth. Sooner than other people you will feel inner freedom, being filled with the energy of love at the time of the Great changes on Earth and in the Universe.
You are our vanguard. People will recognize you by the frequency of your vibrations, by your radiant aura, by your harmonious behaviour in all situations where you may find yourself.
Having felt these vibrations of tranquillity, calm and balance, people will seek communication with you, because your whole being will be filled with the energy of love, and the Divine Source will manifest itself through you and your reality.
You should not be surprised by these changes, but, on the contrary, should rejoice at the Great possibility of Transformation, the New Birth while living on Earth. This possibility is a bonus gift to the Humanity, given FOR THE FIRST TIME in the history of life on Earth and the existence of Earth itself. The impetus of whether to move forward or to stay in the shadow of dreams comes from deep inside of your heart. Man should know himself how he should live and where it is better for him.
And, most importantly, by the time of the Earth’s Great Transition into the fifth dimension, you will be ready to receive the high-frequency vibrations of the fifth dimension at 21 Hz, but on Dec. 21, 2012 nothing will happen to you because your energy cover will be ready for this cosmic energy strain. It will happen because your energy system will be in equilibrium, without negative programs, it will be a reflection of the rainbow and of the Divine melody. Subtle vibrations of your essence will be able to change and will be ready to the expansion of consciousness, and your aura will be brought to the LIGHT OF THE STAR THAT SHINES AND TRANSFERS STREAMS OF DIVINE LOVE AND LIGHT TO THE EARTHLY WORLD. You will feel your individuality in your manifestation in this world.
You should actively involve other people and tell them about this Possibility of transformation given to you, which they have long been looking for. The new knowledge will help you answer a lot of questions that arise in your life but do not have answers.

Ascended Master El Moria
through the Messenger of Light Si-Lvia

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