About me


SiLvia is the spiritual name of Alekhina Tatiana who is a trained psychologist, with a higher education (Moscow State University). She is a practising psychotherapist and healer who effectively uses the power  of intuition.

In the course of 20 years of contact with the spiritual teachers, known as the Masters of the Great Holy Brotherhood of the Intergalactic Federation, she has helped people to understand and solve personal, professional and physical problems.  With the aid of energy-information she teaches people to use their own spiritual knowledge more effectively. This has been shown to considerably improve the psychological and psychosomatic state of a person. She achieves this by teaching them how to correctly react to life situations, and to examine relations with partners, relatives, friends and work associates.

Through individual consultation or working with small groups Tatiana teaches us the use of Spiritual knowledge to radically change our vision of ourselves and how we feel in this world, and to balance all aspects of our nature. She shows us how to become conductors of Divine energy, by after obtaining the deserved Abundance at all levels of manifestation  in our lives.

By actively working with people from all walks of life, Tatiana is continuing her own path to self improvement, by obtaining new spiritual knowledge and seeking resolution of many different questions of life. She is encouraged and supported by the Masters who always answer her questions with love and frankness.

Ascended Masters are the representatives of the Brotherhood of the Light. These perfect creatures already passed through the 3rd dimension incarnation. They developed, evolved and left the frames of incarnation in the physical world.

The Masters of the Brotherhood are working in many directions, through many channels; they carry the supreme spiritual wisdom to people’s minds. They were always present on the Earth, they always serve people.

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